Advanced cost-effective conference calling for businesses

More functionality for even better productivity

The business benefits of all-call are clear. The service gives you a fast, convenient and cost-effective way to arrange and conduct voice conferences without additional invoices and without the need for additional hardware and software and restrictive, expensive contracts.

If you register with us we will upgrade you to all-call Advanced at absolutely no extra cost. All you pay is the cost of your telephone call to an 0844 number range - which costs just 5.8p/min (+VAT and your phone company’s access charge) from a UK landline.

With all-call Advanced you will receive:

  • A unique, reserved PIN which is yours to use each time you conduct a voice conference. You may keep this PIN for as long as you wish.
  • A dedicated dial-in number for all-call Advanced users:
    0844 473 7458

Your International dial-in access numbers are:

Country Local Number International Number Cost per min

* +VAT and the cost of your phone company's access charge

Click here for a printer friendly version of the international
dial-in access list.

Register with us now for all these additional benefits, at no additional cost.

If a dial- in number is not listed for the country you require, please dial +44 844 4 73 74 58 / +49 1803 002 070 (calls charged at international rates).

  1. The dial-in numbers in these countries are not available for use from mobiles. In these countries, mobile callers should continue to dial +44 844 4 73 74 58 / +49 1803 002 070 (calls charged at international rates)
  2. The dial-in numbers for these countries can only be dialled from within the country. International callers should continue to dial +44 844 4 73 74 58 / +49 1803 002 070 (calls charged at international rates).

Powwownow does not set the cost of calls – some networks may vary from these prices – for cost confirmation please contact your network provider.

The Polish number range is available for account holders and users of the Telefonia Dialog network and TP S.A., Exatel, GTS Energis, Netia, DataCOM, ST Zbaszyn and Multimedia Polska S.A. For calls from mobile phones, the number range is only available for Orange network users.

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How it works in 3 simple steps...

  1. Share with your participants the PIN and their local dial-in number to join the conference call
  2. When participants dial they will be prompted for the PIN and asked to say their name
  3. As soon as you are connected to the call start talking!