Helpful conference calling functions and features

all-call conference controls:

  • #1 - Head Count
  • #2 - Roll call
  • #3 - Lock
  • 6 - Mute Individual Handset

You can have 50 participants on your conference call.

You won't receive a bill from us - each caller is billed by their telephone network supplier.

Each caller is only billed for the length of time they are on the conference.

No monthly charges or set up fees.

Calls cost 5p per minute peak and as low as 5p per minute at weekends. (Charges may vary from mobile phones. Please contact your network supplier for these details.)

How it works in 3 simple steps...

  1. Choose a PIN between 6 and 9 digits in length
  2. Share with your participants the PIN and their local dial-in number* to join the conference call
  3. When participants dial they will be prompted for the PIN and asked to say their name
*If the dial-in number is not listed for the country you require, please use either a UK or German number. For a full list of dial-in numbers see Basic and Advanced.